Welcome to the website of SHALEV TECH, your ideal partner.

Industrial supplies

A wide range of machines, equipment, spare parts and consumables to meet the needs of various sectors: industry, construction, quarries, mining, health, medicine, telecommunications, etc.

Agricultural equipment

Agricultural equipment and machinery for processing agricultural products: tractors and accessories, harvesters, grinding machines, dryers, oil presses, pasteurisers, extractors, etc.

Water Purifiers

A new world of pure and healthy water with water treatment and purification products and systems for homes, offices, industries, businesses, administration, shops, local authorities, etc.

Computer supplies

A wide range of computer and office equipment and consumables, of various brands, original or generic with an excellent quality guarantee...

About us

SHALEV TECH, is the brainchild of a young design engineer in mechanical engineering, with a rich professional experience in a variety of sectors: food industry, plastics industry, oil sector, economic intelligence, direct sales, etc.).

SHALEV TECH has been serving industrial companies, the agro-industrial sector, public and private companies, public administration, international and non-governmental organisations, etc., to provide efficient and flexible professional solutions.

SHALEV TECH today offers a wide range of products and services at a better quality/price ratio thanks to its relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers in Europe, Asia and America and its strong capacity to mobilise transversal skills and expertise. Thanks to an experienced and versatile professional team, we provide an excellent response to expectations in terms of quality and deadlines for each of our interventions.

The 4 +

Because our clients' satisfaction remains our constant concern, we pay particular attention to them in order to listen to them, determine the relevance of their needs and help them make the best choices.
We are completely quality-oriented in the products we offer, while taking into account the client's financial envelope. We are then able to offer options. For each service we provide, we focus on quality first and foremost, while maintaining our professionalism.
We make it a value to be completely available to our customers and to provide them with quality technical support. In determining their needs, during the sales process and long after the sale, our technical assistance is permanent.
Because we are convinced that the satisfied customer is our best ambassador, every commitment we make goes beyond compliance with the provisions of a contract, it is also moral.